Artist's Statement


"My Totems are an incantation of the shards of history.

This realization struck me as I wandered the ruins of Rome last year, standing amidst the columns of ancient marble and broken stone. The aura of past generations is manifest as well in the millennia-old amber, turquoise, jade, fossil, coal, stone, shell and biblical Hebron glass that I use in my work. Believed by ancient cultures to have inherent magical properties, these gems and stones are, to me, an exciting medium on which to expand my three decades of work creating fibre and woven sculptural art.

I believe adornment for the human body should be unique, natural, and androgynous. Each piece I create has a 'spiritual DNA', like the inimitable DNA of the people who choose to wear them. There is a particular Totem for each of us in my collection, a Totem where the form, texture, and color create a relationship with the wearer, defining the wearer's whole body as a work of sculpture."

M.A.P. 2005



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